In the introductory blog, we laid out the layout of our proposed miniature-course. Now it’s time to look at what the humorous message boards between holes might/will look like.

Between 1st green and 2nd tee:

Galactic SpaceElements of this image furnished by NASA

Galactic Space Elements of this image furnished by NASA


“Did you hear the Minnesota Twins signed Chewbacca to a minor-league contract? If he does well and makes it to the Majors, he might be Wookie of the Year.”   

Between 2nd green and 3rd tee:


Spaceship leaving Earth for interstellar deep space travel

“In miniature golf, you don’t want to boldly go where no golfer has gone before.”

Between 3rd green and 4th tee:

Planet Saturn in outer space. Elements of this image furnished by NASA

“Captain, miniature golf is totally illogical…and more fun than a barrel of Vulcan monkeys.”


Between 4th green and 5th tee:


“Holy black, mysterious holes, Batman, there’s danger ahead. Batman: Not to worry, Boy Wonder. I’m wholly prepared to navigate the perils of deep space. Grab onto my Bat Cape, if you must, but hands off the Bat Belt.”


Between #5 green and #6 tee:

Black hole“Captain, I can’t change the laws of physics. But I may be able to help you with your putting stroke.”


Between #6 green and #7 tee:

hamburger with hands and gun

hamburger with hands and gun, 3d illustration

“As the Irish Jedi Knights like to say, ‘May the farce be with you’.”


Between #7 green and #8 tee:

Fun turtle

Fun turtle

“Houston, we have a problem. I can’t find my ball.”


Between #8 green and #9 tee:

Green light saber

green light saber

“It was horrible. The giant alien did a complete cavity search. I had two cavities and one chipped tooth.”


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